A New Stupid Online Function Coming Soon

I’m creating a stupid, waste-of-time online program that I know will get me slashdotted and blow my lowly server up. I’m going to start beta-testing it within the next week, and then maybe another week after that I’ll make it public. Look out internet!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Now what could that program be? Sounds like an innovative idea, and I’m not very good at those :)

    I’d love to be in the beta, BTW ;-)

  2. This is SO stupid only geeks may like it, and then they’ll think “Man, that IS stupid AND useless. Why didn’t I think of it?”

  3. I’ve got people asking me to be beta-testers and I’ve given no description of the project. This is weird.

    When it’s ready for beta-testing, I’ll email those interested or whom I think would be interested, and then I’ll send them the URL and login/password that will be required (just for the testing).

  4. > please give us a hint!

    It’s not a game. It won’t use Flash. It’s silly. It’s useless. It’s dumb. It may be unique, according to my research, which is VERY surprising.

  5. Update: I discovered today that my idea isn’t so unique. Yes, it’s been done before. Bummer. Well, I’m going to finish it anyway. Mine will be better. Yeah! Yeah.

  6. Awww.. Damn. I haven’t heard about another one that does it, so I figured you really would be slashdotted to hell and back.

  7. Update: I’ve finished designing everything on paper, so I now started coding it, writing the backend code. The hardest part was coming up with a nice interface, but that’s what the beta-testing is for. I’m going away this weekend so I don’t think it’ll be ready for testing until next week, if then.

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