Dumb (But Cool) Scenes In Science-fiction Movies

10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi Cinema:

…this list is dedicated to the sci-fi fan. It’s our stab at the 10 incredibly dumb things that occurred in otherwise really successful sci-fi movies in recent times. Don’t look for B-movies or classics here. This is where the blockbusters went wrong.

They describe what’s so dumb about some movies, then why it doesn’t matter, such as in Alien:

Why it’s so dumb: “Oh, thank goodness the acid-blooded crab thing fell off my face. Hey, do I smell scrambled eggs?” Despite a ship full of highly-intelligent technical and science people, the crew of the Nostromo decides not to quarantine their alien-toting buddy long enough to make sure there were no problems along the lines of, say, stomach erupting alien babies.
Why we don’t care: A hundred space horror movies later, including three more “Alien” flicks, a lot don’t remember how terrifying “Alien” was in 1979. And while the movie was good and creepy up to this point, the “man gives birth” scene was the moment when the movie went from just scary to the scariest movie you had ever seen.

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  1. They complain about Signs, but for the wrong reason. The dumbest thing about Signs was that aliens that dissolve in water come to a planet that’s 3/4 covered in water, to attack people who live on farms (farms need rain, don’t they?). And I did care. I was angry with M.Night after seeing Signs. Ugh.

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