Colorful Sweaters

Sweaters from the 70sSickening Seventies Sweaters:

…I stumbled on a huge box of sweater knitting project catalogs from 1971-1973 era marked 4 for a dollar. I had no idea why anyone would want such crap, but after looking through them for nearly an hour, I was hooked. As you’ll see from looking at the pictures below, these are some of the most disgustingly awful articles of clothing ever created by man!

I can’t wait until this fashion craze comes back. Maybe I’ll bring it back myself; there’s an idea!

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  1. I asked a girl to knit me a sweater, so she’s going to knit me that orange and yellow one with green spots. When I get it I’m going to grow out my mustache and get chest hair implants, can’t make a proper 70’s porno without excess chest hair.

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