Need A Jingle For Your Blog?

DiVERSiONZ has an interesting offer:

…for a limited time, I am offering any takers the opportunity to have their very own fresh jingle made for their blog. That’s right, just send me an email at or drop me a comment with the name of your blog (maybe even your catchy slogan) and I will put it to music and email it back to you as a .wav file free of charge.
Soon, I hope everyone will have their very own jingle that they can display proudly on their blog.

Steel White Table’s jingle is suberb. Imagine hearing that every time you visited Steel White Table? What a brilliant idea!

I Saved Someone’s Life

I take my daughter to the local pool a couple of times a week where she swims with my wife (my wife swims earlier when no children are allowed). Sometimes I hang around watching them swim. One time a couple of weeks ago I noticed an elderly woman waiting by the entrance for at least 15 minutes. I approached her and asked if she wanted to use my phone, to ensure her lift was coming for her. I don’t think she ever used a cell phone before; I had to dial a couple of numbers until she connected to a relative that would pick her up.

Today, as I walked into the pool’s entrance, the elderly lady was waiting for her lift again, but this time she turned to me with a serious expression on her face and asked, “Are you the gentleman who I borrowed the cell phone from?” Yup, that was me. “You saved my husband’s life; he had a stroke. That’s why he didn’t pick me up that time. If I hadn’t used your phone to call my daughter, she wouldn’t have checked up on my husband.” Well then. “How’s he doing?” was the first thing that popped into my head (the second thing being this will make an interesting blog entry!)

“He’s still recovering in the hospital”, she said offhandedly, as if that’s not the point, buddy – I’m trying to thank you here.

“Glad I could help”, I said. She thanked me again, and I said “You’re welcome.”

All I did was let her borrow my phone, so it’s no big deal from my perspective. Kinda neat though.

Do Fish Drink Water? – All the FAQs you can use:

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They didn’t have the answer to “Do fish drink water?”, so I’m not impressed. I had to google it to find my answer. (They do.)

(via J-Walk Blog)

Qubit Computers

Pushing computers to the limit:

BBC Online’s Spencer Kelly looks at the ever increasing speed of processors and wonders how long computers can keep getting faster.
If you look at current chip technology, the actual core component in the chip can only be about 25 atomic layers thick of silicon, and the problem is that you get jumps of electricity between different components.
It is estimated that sometime in the next decade, Moore’s Law will reach its final, impenetrable barrier – you cannot make a wire thinner than an atom.