Isn’t About Time The U.S. Invaded Canada?

Invade CanadaInvadeCanada.US:

Why invade Canada?
Canada Has Stuff!
First off, let’s make Alaska actually connected to the U.S. again! Those Alaskan folks are always getting screwed by not being part of the “continental 48 states”. Let’s give them a nice little bridge downstairs. A little bit of farmland never hurt anything either, but forget the permafrost part. Canada is the second largest country in the world, let’s fix that.
It’s possible
Why go to the moon? Because it’s there. Same with Canada, it’s just colder than the moon.

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Shaving Back Hair

Razorba – We Got Your Back

The Razorba™ (pronounced ray-zor-buh) is a convenient, do-it-yourself, painless, embarrassment-free, solution to back hair. 100% guaranteed!
The Razorba™ is a razor handle wand that holds your favorite razor, ergonomically designed and tested by men with back hair. It solves the problem of back hair by letting you shave it at your convenience, any time you need it. Works with any standard razors. It’s quick and easy to insert or remove a razor (razor included with order). To use, simply insert a razor into the Razorba™, apply shaving cream and shave.

I know someone who’d probably like this.

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A Scammer’s Scam Backfires

Powerbook, kindaScamming the Scammer:

It started with a scam, and turned into the greatest prank ever. You can read about it all in the detailed story.

The story of how a guy got back at someone trying to scam them in an ebay auction. The full text of the story is available in HTML and PDF formats.

The original thread copied into the PDF file is still online, titled This guy is trying to rip me off on ebay. How should I respond to his email.

The story is an exciting read.

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In The Beginning, Man Created God

God Said Man Said – The Record:

Today there are over 1,700 religious sects, cults and denominations confessing to be the bearers of light, yet most are in contradiction to one another. A man or woman seeking the truth is like a rat in a maze of 1,700-plus roads with only one reaching the “God” destination. Many will assume theirs is the correct one. Your chances are not good.
Fortunately, the God who created all things has written a book…an owner’s manual, which is commonly known as the Holy Bible. This majority-text holy writ is the alive, inerrant word of the living God.
The purpose of this web site is to prove scientifically, scholastically and pragmatically that the Bible is authored by the finger of God, is perfect in its entirety, and will hold all men accountable to God at a soon-coming judgement day.

Despite its idiocy, I found it to be compelling reading. The Dinosaurs essay was fascinating and hilarious.

(I’m asking for trouble posting my opinion, aren’t I?)

What Makes A “Great” Hacker?

Great Hackers, an interesting essay by Paul Graham about programming, what he thinks makes a hacker “great”, and the difference between a programmer working because they have to and working because they want to:

If we want to get the most out of them, we need to understand these especially productive people. What motivates them? What do they need to do their jobs? How do you recognize them? How do you get them to come and work for you? And then of course there’s the question, how do you become one?