A Funny Commercial

I saw this commercial tonight and it made it laugh. I hate promoting companies that already make too much money, but some of their ads are well done. Just ignore what they’re advertising; it’s irrelevant anyway. I watch too much TV when I work out of town.

A Rocking Computer

Project Asteroid: This project started when my sister asked me nicely if I could build her a new computer… Since I didn’t want to be blamed for being too nice I decided to make her a case in the shape of a dirty snowball, also known as an asteroid. (via growabrain)

Unwanted Testicle Hair?

Strip and rip! Having the hair removed from your balls with hot wax is an increasingly popular male fashion trend. But it’s not for the faint of heart… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! why, Why, WHY!? I like ALL my hair just the way it is. This is idiotic. (Warning: graphic photos and tortuous descriptions.)

I Can’t Draw

I recently noticed that Yellowpad linked to my site. He posts a drawing on his site occasionally. Nothing fancy – just a drawing he did by hand, or an image he created using Photoshop and other tools (which he states underneath each image). There are not many posted as he only started the site a couple of weeks ago. Some nice images, and he names them well. I drew my

Childhood Confessions

Time to face my past, goddamn it: I once owned a Shaun Cassidy record. (Da Do Run Run Run, Da Do Run Run. May that jingle haunt you for days.) I used to dance to disco, even winning awards for my grovin’ moves. The first record I remember buying was a 45 single: Lipps Inc’s Funky Town. I was 10 or 11 fer Christ’s sake! Soon after I bought Pink