I’m on vacation so I doubt I’ll be updating Steel White Table frequently. I have lots of stuff to do on my time off:

  • Buy and install laminate flooring for my basement.
  • Paint bathroom.
  • Help parents settle in to their new home after moving this past weekend.
  • Build bookshelves for “library”.
  • Maybe build patio.
  • Maybe go camping.
  • Maybe go to Halifax to visit brother.

6 Replies to “Vacation”

  1. That doesn’t sound like a vacation to me. You need to do more fun stuff, like nothing. Have a good one anyway.

  2. Dude…forget the work. Go camping. And I’ve got just the place…no cell service…no traffic…no noise…no neighbors…

  3. DiVERSiONZ thinks I have too much work planned for my vacation.

    I agree, so I won’t do any painting, visiting, or building; but I AM installing the laminate: I have to get it done before I make a 2-3 week business trip to Detroit in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks for ALL your concern, though. Now leave me alone! I’m on vacation!

  4. Hi, I working on building up a community for laminate flooring. Come check it out. Hopefully if we all get together it’ll make life go much quicker. Did you finish? Which product did you choose? Photos would be great.

  5. Yeah, Jody, please post us some photos of your projects from 4 months ago. You did some kind of floor project, right? Got rid of the carpet and replaced it with some kind of plastic flooring, something like that? Or is that what laminate flooring is all about?

  6. I have photos of interesting stuff I did this past summer that I meant to post some day. This working-for-a-living gig sucks; it’s taking away my Steel White Table time.

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