Provincial And Territorial Comments

How fast can I receive a comment from each Canadian province and territory? Ideally, I should have 13 comments (10 provinces, 3 territories).

(Idea stolen from DiVERSiONZ, who’s doing for the 50 United States. Update: J-Walk is doing it, too.)

3 Replies to “Provincial And Territorial Comments”

  1. Coming at you from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Ditto on the Labour Day.

    (Should this one count seeing how I’m always here? Ditto for Pender and the rest of them?… I’m trying to think of another way to use “ditto.”)

  2. You dittoing me? I don’t see anybody else around so you MUST be dittoing me!

    Yay, I claim new brunswick! Not because it’s a good province, but because I’m here. :(

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