Ripping Records

A 45 MB Quicktime movie showing a guy ripping and scanning his records (you know – those 12 inch in diameter, thin, black, plastic circles that existed before compact discs) with a great soundtrack. For each of his 609 albums he: Scanned the front and back jacket. Scanned each side of the record itself. Ripped every song as an MP3. All are available on his site. I predict the site

Browser Security

Browser Security Test: Scanit’s Browser Security Test automatically checks your browser for various security problems. When the test is finished you get a complete report explaining the discovered vulnerabilities, their impact and how to eliminate them. My Firefox browser is okay according to their tests.

The First Star Wars Episode III Trailer

Episode III trailer: I wanted to be the first to produce a trailer for Episode III. I also wanted it to show most of the things that I expect to happen in that movie. Of course, since we don’t really know that yet, you could say that this is my interpretation of it. In a way you could almost consider this “Star Wars Episode III in under 2 minutes. Update: