Mad For Books

My Own Private Library: I wonder whether I am afflicted with something more than a “gentle madness,” as Nicholas A. Basbanes described it in his 1999 book on the history of book collecting. You see, I spend more on books than I do on food. An enjoyable essay about the love of books. I recommend A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books by Basbanes; it’s a

Books Someone Read Since 1974

What I Have Read Since 1974: My mother started keeping the list when I started the first grade. My school asked parents to keep track of what books we read as part of its reading program. She kept the list until 1977 and I’ve kept the list since I was in the fifth grade. I’d like to start this for my three year old daughter, but what database format will

Jim, The Songwriter

Jim’s Big Ego isn’t the Jim we all know and love, although I DID have to verify that. Jim’s Big Ego is an inventive trio from the hub of Boston based around the genius of songwriter, poet and WI-FI cafe lurker Jim Infantino. The band creates a sound that can best be described as “UnPop” – not your ordinary top 40 stuff, but infectious, intelligent pop songs that alternate between