Printers Are Great For Hiding Things In

My cheap Lexmark printer wasn’t working, so I replaced all the ink cartridges, checked its cable connections, checked the printer’s settings… all okay. As a last resort I went to the manufacturer’s support site and followed their instructions, to no avail.

Time to get serious: I unhooked the printer, taking it to the kitchen table with screwdriver in hand. Lifting its front cover, to get at the track the cartridge rides on, I saw… a pingpong ball.

“Daddy!”, my daughter said. “You found my pingpong ball! That’s where I put it!”

2 Replies to “Printers Are Great For Hiding Things In”

  1. That’s funny, I was going to upload a post called, “What I Did Today.” It would have been this:

    When I came out of the shower this morning, I opened my bedroom and window. A rush of cold air came in, causing me to I sneez. I then sneezed about once every 3 seconds for at least two minutes straight.

    That’s what I did today.

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