Ready, Set… Create An Album!

The rules for creating and submitting to an Album-a-Day:

  • It must be written, performed, recorded, post-produced, etc. all in one contiguous 24-hour period (preferably with no sleep break in there).
  • It must be at least 20 minutes or 30 songs. (many short songs tend to work better than long songs which drag on forever, trust me.)
  • Your band may have multiple participants, but they should not work on different songs simultaneously. (So just one song being worked on at a time.)
  • No ideas from before the chosen day! This means covers or reinterpretations are not allowed.
  • No out-takes! If you start a song, finish it and put it on the album.

I don’t think that’d be hard to do if you don’t care about quality too much; a buddy and I quickly churned out songs for our band in my youth. They should have a contest to see how many listenable songs can be created within 24 hours.

I’m afraid to listen to any of the submissions.

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