Building A Bookcase

Build A Basic Bookcase: I’ve got a deep-seeded distrust of any person whose house lacks books. Yeah, I know I’m a snob, but here’s the truth: while I can understand (though just barely, mind you) how a person could live without a computer, a TV, a VCR, maybe even a stereo, the notion of a life without books simply boggles the mind. So I’m of the firm opinion that a

A Hand Or A Mouse?

Maker of Body Mouse and other fine products: I wanted to push my mouse-making further than normal mice. trying to evoke a gut reaction in viewers, plus comment a little about awareness of how used some of the things we touch are; and how nearly intimate our connection to our computers can be.

Feeding Your Drug Habit With Cheese

Drug abusers target cheese: Police in St. John’s say drug abusers trying to pay for their habits has led to a thriving black market for cheese. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says stealing and reselling food from supermarkets and other stores to support addictions is becoming quite common. Who are they selling it to, you ask? And it’s believed that they are selling it to restaurants, pizza shops and things like

Firefox, An Alternative To Internet Explorer

Why I dumped Internet Explorer: After months waiting for Microsoft to give me a reason to remain loyal, I finally dumped Internet Explorer for the Firefox Web browser last week. On the security front, Microsoft has clearly had its hands full. Fixing the myriad holes in Windows and Internet Explorer is no small job. But why should that prevent Microsoft from offering sensible improvements to the browser, such as the

Old Social Services Posters

American Social Hygiene Posters, a collection of social services posters from the 1910s to the 1970s. This is funny stuff. The poster (from 1922) on the left (click it to read its print) illustrates the correct dancing position, along with a warning about succumbing to our desires.