Firefox, An Alternative To Internet Explorer

Why I dumped Internet Explorer:

After months waiting for Microsoft to give me a reason to remain loyal, I finally dumped Internet Explorer for the Firefox Web browser last week.
On the security front, Microsoft has clearly had its hands full. Fixing the myriad holes in Windows and Internet Explorer is no small job. But why should that prevent Microsoft from offering sensible improvements to the browser, such as the inclusion of dynamically updated content from RSS feeds a la Firefox? Beats me.

I have a lot of non-techie friends and family who ask me to fix computer problems (as I’m sure most techie people do). The cause of most computer trouble is Internet Explorer: it allows users to easily download and install programs that slow systems to a crawl, programs that monitor their activity, adding ad pop-up programs and “tools” that clutter your browser. Plus, most users are not aware of security notices and updates, such as the recent jpg bug, allowing a user’s system to be taken over by simply viewing a jpg image.

I’ve been using Firefox for a long time. Why aren’t you?