How To Keep Pets Out Of A Room

Room DefenderRoom Defender:

Mounted on three gun-turret style legs, the Room Defender will protect your privacy from prying snoopers. It has a motion sensor alarm, so when someone enters your room it will give a verbal warning to the intruder, then fire a warning shot (in the form of a foam disc).

From the aptly named I Want One Of Those – Stuff you don’t need… but you really, really want website.

(Thanks, Eric)

Cluster Ballooning

Cluster ballooningBallooning into the Sky:

Have you ever dreamed of being carried into the sky by a giant bouquet of colorful toy balloons? That’s the idea behind cluster ballooning. The pilot wears a harness, to which a cluster of large, helium-filled balloons are attached. Control is achieved by releasing ballast to ascend, or by bursting balloons to descend.
There’s nothing as serene and beautiful as floating a mile or two above the earth with a huge, colorful balloon bouquet.

Wow. I’d love to try that or some other noiseless flying method, like hang-gliding. My brother and I went parachuting about 15 years ago, but we were both disappointed: it was over too quick and anticlimatic.

Collecting Sand

Tonga sandThe International Sand Collectors Society:

Sand collecting is not a new hobby or a passing fad. People have been noted collecting sand for at least a century… Psammophiles (psammo – sand, philes – lovers of), search out sand’s unique qualities such as the endless variety of colors, textures, components, grain shapes and angularities, and other features.

So there.

There exists some strange looking sand though. The photo in this post is sand from Tonga.

Canada’s Colourful Coins

Canada's Poppy QuarterThe Poppy Coin:

On October 21, 2004, The Royal Canadian Mint, in partnership with the Royal Canadian Legion, unveiled the world’s first coloured circulation coin. The 25-cent coin features a red poppy, the symbol that pays homage to the 117,000 gallant Canadians who died in the service of the nation.

Canada has lots of colourful money:

Canadian Leaf coinCanada butterfly coinCanada Santa coin
Canada $20 bill

(Post prompted by the comments about Tim Hortons’ employees being blamed for the poppy quarter design, when they had NOTHING to do with it.)