Determine Your Google Ranking

Google Rankings: Check the ranking of a web page in Google. Our tool will look up your position within Google for any given search. Neat. Steel White Table is ranked 12th for the phrase “ads suck“. Ranked 1st for “scotish baby names” (because of the misspelling).

The Indonesia Tsunami

The death toll (over 120,000 to date) from the Indonesia tsunami is staggering. We’re fortunate in Eastern Canada that the worst we can complain about is snowstorms or subdued hurricanes coming up the coast of the Atlantic. I think most people can’t relate to the devastation that has occurred in East Asia. It’s unimaginable. The worst natural event I’ve been through was sitting through a short earthquake while in Montreal

Internet TV

Watch Live TV broadcasts on the Internet: Your broadband Portal to watch live TV broadcasts and on demand TV broadcasts on the Internet. Travel to 3000 live feeds and on demand video & audio streams. They list 19 Canadian TV streams, including the daily Inuit news in Inuktitut.