Annoying Canadians

To rival the The Most Embarrassing Canadian for 2004 and the Greatest Canadian, we have The Most Annoying Canadian. I heard about the poll on Weekend Mornings, a CBC radio program on here in the Maritimes. According to the them, the Most Annoying Canadians are:

  1. Don Cherry
  2. The Super Store Guy (from a TV commercial, just in Atlantic Canada, I suspect)
  3. Ben Mulroney
  4. CBC Promo Girl (I don’t know this one)
  5. Celine Dion
  6. The Canadian Tire Guy

Autonomous Source is also conducting a Who Is the Most Annoying Canadian poll (you can vote on the page’s menu on the right). I haven’t heard of some of the nomines on his list (eg. who the hell is Antonia Zerbisias?). Maybe it’s a Quebec thing.

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  1. the cbc promo girl is the one who does all those announcements of upcoming shows and whatever on cbc. you only hear her voice, but it’s annoying enough to warrant top 10 inclusion.

  2. CBC’s promo girl — or Promo Ditz as I call her — is not only annoying, but the tone and content of her promos often is inappropriate for the program being promoted. And once, she referred to the Audience Relations department (that does sweet nothing as far as I can see) as “cuddley kittens.” Go figure. She’s even more annoying than Rex “Mumbles” Murphy meandering his way through Cross Country Checkup.

  3. I love Promo Girl’s voice. She sounds like a real person with some of the natural idiosyncratic unpolished timbre that you don’t hear from a smooth, professionally-trained, beauty voice.

  4. It may be an unavoidable truism that I enjoy a level of familiarity with complex linguistic constructions, unsurpassed by more than an infintesimal, perhaps subliminal number of similarly gifted individuals who are similar in their inability to organize their thoughts to a level of ornate complexity that goes beyond “Look, Dick, look! See Spot run.” Nevetheless, insofar as impediments to the full realization of expression of abstract cognitive epistemologically-based memes makes one wonder whether or not the observed limitations might be epiphenomenonally related to an underlying condition. Indeed, Promo Girl occupies the apex of my own nexus of awareness.

  5. “Daly” called her Promo Ditz, I call her Promo Witch, except I mis-spell it. Shame on me for that. I miss most of my favourite programs now because I know that SHE cone on just before the start of news and other programs. If the idiots in M5W 1E6 thought they could attract more listeners with that obnoxious, grating, yankee-accented, sneering, condescending voice, I have news for them: they are losing formerly loyal listeners. The Promo *itch made me look for other radio fare and voila!, I have discovered KING FM in Seattle, American Public Radio, KGO San Francisco and even some Canadian private stations. Is there anyone else who feels this strongly about the dumbing down of Radio One (and to some extent Radio Two, although they have so far refrained from using the Promo Witch. Let’s march on the CBC head office in TO and demand the public execution of the Promo Witch.

  6. Radio One is definitely changing — trying to be more hip or something, I don’t know. But who’s this promo girl? How have I missed this?

  7. Show hosts used to record short (30-second)promos for their shows, which were then broadcast during or after other shows, or the staff announcer simply reminded listeners of upcoming programs. Simple, effective and dignified. Then some weasely little empire builder within the CBC discovered a way to get his or her own office along with title (producer), secretary, budget, expense account, all on taxpayers’ money. I can just hear him’her pitching it to the brass: “I’ve got this great idea! Let’s promote upcoming programs in a novel way. We’ll produce little dramas, like commercials on private stations, that will catch people’s attention. I know a girl with a fabulous voice for that, totally unlike any normal CBC voice…”
    Forget that CBC listeners LIKE the normal voices of CBC announcers. Forget that CBC listeners LIKE the CBC being commercial-free. Most of all, loyal CBC listeners stay tuned to CBC all day anyway. They don’t need to be “lured” to programs by “sexy” (hahaha) voices. If anybody out there thinks I’m making a mountain out of molehill, let me just tell you that I have been – correction, was – a loyal listener for over 30 years. I have seen (heard?) many changes and got used to most of them. The promo girl is the straw that broke the camel’s back. In the “Big Picture”, to steal a promo girl phrase, I think the CBC is slowly being converted into something that sounds just like a private station. When privatization comes, it will be easier to sell to Global or Rogers or Bell. Much as I hate her, the promo girl is just a tool. Just like the weasel who invented her. Only he/she doesn’t see the Big Picture, namely private radio doesn’t employ armies of producers like the CBC does. I’m listening to Anna Maria Tremonti as I write this. The Current was one of the few good brainwaves they have had over the last few years. Enough rant for today. I don’t want to steal Danny Finkleman’s metier.
    I’m glad I found someplace to sound off. The useless customer relations department (another waste of taxpayers’ money) ignores my letters.

  8. I’ll agree with Daly. Ms. Promo’s tone and wording are frequently in appropriate. She comes off sounding naive and self-absorbed, though as I understand it, PG is a persona. (Mixing personas with real journalists seems a little misguided on the CBC’s part. Is PG providing commentary on what she is presenting, with all that winking she does and with her tongue stuck in her cheek?) Get. rid. of. her.

    I’m assuming I’m in the age group the CBC is looking to reach (18-34) and I’m on the tail end of that group, however the hip factor just doesn’t work with me. The Ceeb is just trying too hard. Add Stroumbo to that…tats and piercings are so um, 1992.
    I’d rather watch Tyler Brulé.

  9. I happen to love the change in the promos on CBC Radio One and love the Promo Girl. Sometimes I find the promos for the shows even more interesting than the shows and hosts themselves! I find her voice welcoming and pleasant and she has become a friend that I can trust to give me the goods on upcoming shows. I look forward to the hour and sometimes turn my radio ON to hear the latest goings on in HER life.

    It is called EVOLUTION. Yes, Mr. Peters, you are a listener for 30 years. I’m not quite as entitled as you seem to be, but have been a listener for many years, and I welcome this change. The CBC has long been criticized for being “stuffy” and “elitist” and its listenership is dwindling (or going to the grave—yes, the majority are over 65)…so it is no wonder they are trying to employ more youthful sounding people, like Stromboupolos and Promo Girl. What do you have against young people? Surely you weren’t a carmudgeon ALL your life, Mr.Peters??

    I was youngER once and loved that I could mix with older and more experienced people who would accept me and not hold my YOUTH against me, which is what I think is happening in the chatroom with the Promo Girl.

    Leave her alone. Don’t you want your grandchildren to tune in to the educational programming offered by the CBC?

    What will kill the CBC is NOT capturing a younger audience. It is a sad fact, but WE are growing OLD and need to pass the baton on to the younger generation, let’s hope, with DIGNITY and RESPECT.

    Shame on you Mr. Peters.

  10. I love Promo Girl’s voice. She sounds like a real person with some of the natural idiosyncratic unpolished timbre that you don’t hear from a smooth, professionally-trained, beauty voice.

    I agree. I think she’s great.

  11. I don’t LOVE promo girl. I hadn’t even noticed her before I saw her on the list. And now that I have noticed her, I don’t hate her either, though it’s easy to understand how some could be annoyed by her. I could take her or leave her.

    I’ll tell you the new voice on CBC radio that I could do without — that guy who does the intro for THE CURRENT. What the hell’s up with that? Why give the show such sensationalistic intro? Seems like a mistake to me. I wonder if he does voice-overs for movie trailers…

  12. Shame on me indeed! Dear oh dear oh dear, I was hoping to raise an army to burn the CBC promo witch at the stake and what do I get? I get Fred, defending the indefensible, offending the last defender of quality radio.

    You see, Fred, I am not against change. Oddly enough, the young people I hang out with consider me a bit of a radical who is always a step ahead of them in trying to improve (modernize) the things we have and do. Young people love to conform, that’s why they all wear the same type of clothes. I like variety an change. They rarely know what station they are tuned in to because they all sound the same. I liked the CBC because until recently, the CBC was different, like, you know, mature professionals speaking, like, good English at, like, a measured pace you know, and stuff like that.

    Fred, I was hip before you were born (backin’ Britain in swingin’ London, with Radio Caroline and all that), but thank God I matured and came to appreciate the finer things in life, which included the CBC and the many changes that have occurred on Radio One over the years. But there is a difference between change and dumbing down. You want me to accept and appreciate the Americanization of CBC? Never.

    This will be my last posting on the subject. As regards the promo ditz, I seem to be in a minority. I will just have to jump smartly out of my rocking chair to get to the radio at one minute to the hour to avoid that ghastly noise Fred loves so much. Darn it, the mother corp is getting devious, the other night the ditz came on AFTER the news! No matter, they are losing me as a listener anyway, because most of the “flagship” programs like ‘Ideas’, The World at Six’, and ‘AIH’ are undergoing subtle changes, too.

    I have discovered that American Public Radio (APR) personnel speak normal English at normal speed and normal decibel levels. Their programs are produced with quality in mind, rather than ratings. Furthermore, they carry BBC news which is still the best in the world (once followed closely by CBC news, but not any more). As a passionate Canadian, not to say anti-American, I can hardly believe I wrote this, but there it is.

    Ah well, I’ll soon be in a pine box and it’s very quiet 6 feet under. Gotta get used to it.


  13. tkyou jayy i used two bee able to right butt my abilities have bergun to diminissh, ass my brain is becominning jello if oly i could reach the dial…but i used to love cbc….must continuuu to listen

    Jay, thank you for articulating that which is echoed in my own thoughts regarding the CBC.

  14. I fail to see what the problem is with the irreverence of the Promo Girl and The Voice. The CBC is famous for its irreverence: The Air Farce, 22 Minutes, Monday Report, The Frantics, Double Exposure and Definitely Not The Opera.

    I have always felt the CBC is the best talk/news radio out there because it is not always just the news. I quite enjoy the morning chuckle on the way into work from a thiry second spot or a ninety second monologue.

    I think the core idea to remember is that CBC is the national broadcaster that has to reflect the nation at large. Fred is correct to say that without a younger audience, the CBC will die off. Once a person stops watching Sesame Street and Mr. Dressup, the next time they tune into the CBC is after the kids have moved out of the house. I realize I am mixing television and radio, but frankly, I know no one under thirty that even listens to Radio One. The only reason I started to tune in was the summer I spent in an area with only two stations, CBC and the local broadcaster. If the CBC sounds like being back in school again, where old men in suits give you the opinions of the older generation, the audience will dry up.

    If anyone from the radio should be on this list as a pompous, sneering, condescending windbag with an Americanizing attitude, I nominate Charles “I can shout the loudest” Adler.

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