A Star Wars Parody

Star Wars III: A Lost HopeStar Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope [Revenge of the Sith parody]:

This project took about three months to complete. I’ll have to say that it was one of the hardest to bring to life. I originally planned on this being a simple project to cut my teeth on greenscreen with, but I soon realized that it was going to be a challenge. I’m ultimately very pleased with the finished product. Check out the PRODUCTION JOURNAL for more info.

NOTE: I mirrored their Medium Quicktime version for when Lucas shuts them down.

Their company has produced other amusing parodies, including A Glitch in the Matrix, Thumb Club, and NIKE Commercial, a darkly sarcastic take on Nike’s ad campaign.

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Websites From Guys Named Keith

KeithA review of websites from guys named Keith (in no particular order):

  • Welcome to Keith’s Homepage: I think this Keith may have been drunk when he created his site. He writes: “Thankyou for stopping by to take a look at my website. Enjoy the Visist!!!!”, and one of his hobbies is “Getting my eats on”. I’m not googling that; I don’t WANT to know what it means.
  • Welcome to Keith’s little corner of the Web!: This Keith’s site “is still under construction so there isn’t much to see”. Fortunately, he offers visitors “a sample page from my future website, Click Here“, which doesn’t work too well. Bummer.
  • Hello, welcome to my homepage. My name is Keith: Keith states in his opening paragraph, “It will indeed be worth your time to hang out here and check out all the special features and services that I offer you.” Well then, can’t pass that up. I learned that one of Keith’s long term goals is to “Get married, have kids, and raise a healthy loving family”. Nice to know he doesn’t have an aspiration to be a web designer.
  • KEITH’S HOMEPAGE: This Keith lives in the 70s, and he has an awesome Java-based banner. In 1991 he was asked to join the band LLAMA, “improvisational electronic music band.” They’re a real band!
  • Keith’s Homepage: This Keith hasn’t updated his page for awhile. At least, I hope not (but then, I doubt any of the other Keiths have either). Keith states “This homepage has now been turbo-charged using the amazing Microsoft Frontpage! There’s nothing better.” His website is hosted on compuserve. I didn’t think they still existed.
  • Keith Grainge’s Homepage: This Keith is the Director of Studies for Physics at Selwyn College, Cambridge. Nothing fancy here.
  • Keith’s HomePage!: This is the best of the bunch. This Keith thinks that “Internet Explorer IE Rulz!!! and never surfs the information superhighway without it.” He “loves to recieve lots and lots of email attachments — especially Windows executables and Word documents (they’re his favourite!!) And if you send the with Microsoft Outlook, he’ll be so happy!!” I was surprised to find out he was being sarcastic, given the other Keith websites.
  • KEITH’S HOMEPAGE, another KEITH: It’s “Specially for those who just came up with their own web page… happy creating!!!” He states: “What you see is only the skeleton, I’m afraid. Do be patient, it’s gonna take a little while. This is quite a primitive page, as I’m not very good at this, but I’ll try to add new things as time goes by.” You can’t add to perfection, Keith. Uh, I mean KEITH.

Maybe I should make this a regularly feature of Steel White Table. Brilliant, I know. What name should I pick next?

(Thanks to Phillip for the idea)

Breast Milk: Soon Sold At A Corner Store Near You

The man who swears by breast milk:

A 59-year-old American has been drinking breast milk for the past four years in a bid to fight cancer.
He found a milk donor through an ex-colleague. “His wife was nursing an eight month old, and she herself was a cancer survivor. She agreed to pump her breast milk for me.”
He now drinks about two bottles per week and hopes to cut back more, but plans to drink it for life.
“It doesn’t taste all that pleasant. It’s a bit oily and there’s an after-taste.”

I should do a podcast review of it, like Phillip’s beer reviews.

Today’s Life Lesson: Remember To Close The Drapes

Court OKs masturbation at home:

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that masturbating at home is not an offence, even if the activity can be seen by peeking neighbours…
“A person has the freedom in his or her own living room to do whatever they choose to do and is not caught by the criminal law if they have no intent to offend or insult someone who may not be on that private property.”
The protection isn’t extended to someone who commits an indecent act on their own property with the intention of letting the neighbours see it.