Christians Against Christians

Your Christian President: This site is dedicated to the honest revelation of President Bush’s religious beliefs and political policies. ere is also the argument that Bush is the “lesser of two evils.” Even if this were true, the lesser of two evils is still evil and should never be an option for a Christian. My God, if Christians would defend the Word half as much as they defend the Republican

A To Do List

Ta-da List: …makes list making and tracking easy. And, since it’s web-based, you can make a list at work and still get to it at home or anywhere else you have a computer or internet access (even on a mobile phone). A nice idea, but I use my email as my To Do list: anything kept in the InBox is To Do. Gmail has a “starred” feature which allows you

Canine Birth Control

Dog Condoms: Just like with human condoms, the dog may experience a slight loss of sensation. However, the condoms are made of a very thin latex which should transmit heat well, a key factor in creating a lifelike feel. We are also experimenting with new scents, which work like a “doggy Viagra”, providing further sensory stimulation. Meat scented, too. Right.

Does Anybody Here Remember Vera Lynn

The Great Song Stylists And Musicians: This site is dedicated to all the vocal and musical trailblazers of the past and present who have moulded the listening taste’s of the twentieth and twenty first century pop fan. Includes biographies and mp3 of some great music by Vera Lynn, Mel Torme, and lots of others.

The Invisible Screen

A technology breakthrough: Transparent Computer Monitor Screens. With a tripod take a picture of your desk without the computer on it. Take a picture now with the computer on the desk. Open both pictures in graphics program (eg. photoshop) and paste one of the pictures over the other as a new layer. Make a selection of the area of the computer desktop and copy it from the image that has