My Wallet

Rebecca posted the contents of her purse, which includes:

  • Tissues, because I sneeze a lot.
  • Hydrocortisone cream. I am genuinely puzzled by this – how did this get here, and when did I think I would have a rash emergency (ha ha) that would require this?

My wallet contains:

  • $10
  • $21.63 coupon redeemable on pre-read books at United Book Exchange
  • Two lotto tickets.
  • Photo of my daughter.
  • $7 American
  • Subway Customer Appreciation Card that’s falling apart.
  • Post-it note with my parents address, even though they live only 5 minutes away.
  • Scrap of paper that has 12″ deep x 26″ long – 14-15″ high written on it. I have no idea.
  • One blank check.
  • My employee health benefit card.
  • Bank card, driver’s license, etc.
  • Business card for GDS, a company in Newfoundland I did some contract work for many years ago.

I know: fascinating.

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  1. Jody…Jody… you were one of the few, the proud..the were the proud operator of a desiel chevette.(how do you spell deiselkke t Ahh the thrilling rush of that enourmous horsepower as one carved into the turns of the Lawrencetown road. Ahhh that is living….that is unique….ps whatever happened to your trusty husquvarna?

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