Kids And Guns

Kids with gunsThe National Rifleman Association’s KOOKY KIDZ KORNER!:

Welcome to the NRA Kooky Kidz Korner boys and girls! Hope you’re packin’ heat and lookin’ for fun – cuz we’re all about playing with high-caliber guns! Old Mr. Boring never shows his head ’round here, and if’n he does, we’ll slay him like a deer!

Kids: be sure to try the The Sidearm Pick-o-Matic!:

It’s a question as old as gunpowder itself. Sadly, there’s no simple formula for choosing just one handgun, and that’s because just one handgun is never enough!

Brought to you by ChickenHead:

…Earth’s preeminent purveyor of loathesome and hopelessly puerile parody, produced by a detestable clique of New York City failures, who toil ineffectually in abject poverty and much-deserved obscurity.

(I despise guns; I posted this hesitantly. But the site is SO silly I’m hoping its satirical point is obvious to the most dim-witted.)

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