House Renovation Lessons

Hammer and nailHow Not To Build an Addition:

Okay, so you want to build an addition. You can find all kinds of texts that tell you what you should be doing. But no one wants to tell you what NOT to do because no one wants to reveal all the mistakes they have made.

An amusing but useful site about what not to do during house renovations, including sections on plumbing, painting and electricity, among others. An example from the Shingles section:

Shingles (not the disease) are made from a variety of materials. Many people like the look of cedar shingles or the durability of clay. For my money, the only shingles are fiberglass shingles.
Like tar, roofing nails have the unfortunate tendency to migrate. If you store your nails in any proximity to an inflatable item, you are asking for trouble. It is best to store them in a well-sealed vault in a corner of the garage and under strict guard. Ask any professional roofer how many nails he has found in the front left tire of his pick-up truck.

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  1. I think that’s the second time you used that clipart like stupid hammer and stupid nail thing. I noticed because I hate it.

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