Looking For An Image

While creating Steel White Table’s new design, I also need an image of… well, a steel white table, or something.

I’m looking for a photo, drawing, or painting image related to the almost meaningless phrase steel white table. It will appear as the site’s main image header. I was thinking it could be an image of a table with a guitar and some books on top of it. I dunno. I briefly searched some free image sites, finding nothing relevant.

2 Or 3 Columns?

Steel White Table is getting a new look; however, I need some opinions on typical blog designs I’m considering:

  • Two-columns, similar to the look now except I’d use different colours. Most sites seems to have their navigation column on the left side. Why? See j-walkblog.com and binarybonsai.com for examples. Tall pictures at the top annoy me though; it’s a waste of space.
  • Three-columns, like www.darrenbarefoot.com. It allows for lots of tidbits along the side columns. I like this non-fixed column width site: www.yusop.net.

Both J-Walk’s and Barefoot’s use a fixed-width design, where their column widths don’t change if you resize the browser window. This gives the designer more control on how it’ll look, but I find it can be frustrating: I don’t like seeing the wasted screen space on the left and right, and it’s sometimes hard to read a lot of text within the main, middle column.

I’m leaning towards the two-column look.

The new look will debut when I get my new computer (to be described in a later post).

The Littlest Birds Will Eat Peanuts From Your Hand

Little BirdHere’s a short video of me and my niece feeding some birds in the woods a few days ago. We went there to feed squirrels, but these small birds kept swooping down around our heads until I realized they wanted the peanuts we were feeding the squirrels.

As I was crunching up some peanuts in my hand, two birds hopped off a tree branch and perched on the end of my fingers. We didn’t get that particular moment of tape, but we got enough afterwards to give a sense of what it was like. Brave little birds.

Binding And Repairing Books

Bookbinding – A Tutorial:

This tutorial introduction is aimed primarily at those who wish to preserve the content of old pulp paperbacks by photocopying them onto archival paper and then binding the results using an archival binding technique, the long-stitch. Most of this tutorial is equally applicable to binding materials from other sources.

Other useful resources about book repair:

I’ve been looking for a hobby to make use of my garage. Maybe I should set up a bookbinding business.

Outsourcing Strikes Again

Outsource babysittingThe Baby Sitter Outsource:

When you sign up with Baby Sitter Outsource, our team of certified baby sitting professionals will monitor your baby whenever you’re away. Just set up a web cam to monitor your baby, then sign in to our website and enjoy your time away!
Our research has shown that call center professionals can professionally and effectively provide live video monitoring while efficiently performing day to day tasks. Our friendly, proactive call center personnel will discreetly baby sit your child with respect and courtesy.