Tax Incentives For U.S. SUV Owners

SUV owners get free gas — courtesy of Uncle Sam:

Owners of gas-guzzling SUVs and other heavy vehicles who use them entirely for business can get Uncle Sam to pay for four or more years of fuel costs — in the form of tax breaks. It’s hard to think of a worse formula for wrecking the country.

Idiotic, but then, is anyone that surprised.

The government needs people like the fella who converted his truck to run on wood.

Julian from the Trailer Park Boys

While returning some movies to the video store today, Jenny and I saw the guy who plays Julian on The Trailer Park Boys (you know, the guy who always has a drink in his hand). The second I saw him, I started to laugh because he looked exactly like he does on the show: the same facial expression, the same black t-shirt and puffed up chest, everything. Jenny was star-struck, which made it even funnier.Julia - Trailer Park Boys

Jenny said: “At first I couldn’t figure out who it was, and I was trying to remember his name to avoid one of those awkward moments when you’re talking to someone but have no idea who they are. Then he noticed me staring at him, and I suddenly realized it was Julian from The Trailer Park Boys. And I kept staring because it seemed so bizarre to see him walking out of our video store. Phillip couldn’t stop laughing… Next I want to meet William Shatner.”