The Droplift Project: The idea came suddenly. Manufacture our own CDs, go into chain stores, and leave them in the appropriate bins. Down among the established pop hits and top 40 product, these CDs await those curious few who take them to the counter. Then what? Witness the confused faces of cashiers and customers alike when the CD does not show up in the inventory. But they’ll most likely make

English Differences

English Cultural Differences Explained: Americans: Seem to think that poverty & failure are morally suspect. Canadians: Seem to believe that wealth and success are morally suspect. Brits: Seem to believe that wealth, poverty, success and failure are inherited things. Aussies: Seem to think that none of this matters after several beers. I used to know nothing about Australia before reading this.

David Lynch’s Weather

David Lynch provides the daily weather report from wherever he is (usually in L.A.). Weird. (It opens directly to a Quicktime video, updated daily. Really.) (Link removed since it no longer works.)

Disabling The Abled

CRAB = Currently Regarded as Able Bodied, a phrase used by disabled people to describe idiots in The Attack Survival Guide: When a [person] with a disability speaks up about the was she feels when treated rudely, a Currently Regarded as Able Bodied (CRAB) person labels her feelings “wrong” and advises her to approach the rude person. That way, the CRAB can use the contact as an opportunity to perpetuate

Knit Any Image

knitPro: …a web application that translates digital images into knit, crochet, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns. Just upload jpeg, gif or png images of whatever you wish — portraits, landscapes, logos… and it will generate the image pattern on a graph sizable for any fiber project. The photo is of my daughter when she was one year old. Click it to open a .PDF created using knitPro.