The One That Didn’t Get Away

Thai men hook 646-lb. catfish, may be world’s largest: Thai fishermen caught a 293-kilogram (646-pound) catfish that may have been the world’s largest freshwater fish, wildlife conservation groups said. Wow. What the hell did they catch it with?

Those Silly Americans

Americans Are Dumb, a blog about dumb things Americans do and say. George W. Bush is, of course, the site’s mascot. I only report what I find, my oh-so-kind American readers. Canadians Are Dumb doesn’t exist… yet.

Weasals Having A Ball

A Weasal Ball is a plastic ball operated by batteries with a weasel attached to it. When it’s turned on, the weasel frolics to and fro as if trying to detach itself from the ball. I recently bought one in Michigan, and my children love it. Hours of entertainment. Hours. sells them online: We sell weasel balls, and that’s all. We don’t sell underwear, lawncare supplies or automatic weapons…

PayPal Pays Up

I received a $13.59 (U.S.) check from Paypal today with this cover letter: As the Claims Administrator for this Litigation we are pleased to enclose herewith a check representing your pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund for your short form claim submitted in the In re Paypal Settlement Litigation. As approved by the Court, a $1.00 fee has been deducted from your payment to cover the cost of