Weasals Having A Ball

weasel ballA Weasal Ball is a plastic ball operated by batteries with a weasel attached to it. When it’s turned on, the weasel frolics to and fro as if trying to detach itself from the ball. I recently bought one in Michigan, and my children love it. Hours of entertainment. Hours.

Weaselballs.com sells them online:

We sell weasel balls, and that’s all. We don’t sell underwear, lawncare supplies or automatic weapons… anymore — just a weasel and a ball, inextricably linked, forever and ever. The seasons will pass — years may fly by, yet the weasel and ball relationship remains consistent. The weasel desires the ball, yet the ball is indifferent, maybe even a little bit distant. It flees. The weasel pursues. It is comedy and tragedy all rolled into one.

PayPal Pays Up

I received a $13.59 (U.S.) check from Paypal today with this cover letter:

As the Claims Administrator for this Litigation we are pleased to enclose herewith a check representing your pro rata share of the Net Settlement Fund for your short form claim submitted in the In re Paypal Settlement Litigation. As approved by the Court, a $1.00 fee has been deducted from your payment to cover the cost of issuing and mailing your check.

I forgot all about it. I submitted an online form on a whim in August last year, doubtful I’d receive anything from them. The original notice about the claim stated:

If you make a timely, valid claim using the Short Claim Form, you will receive a payment of $50, unless the amount needed to pay all of the Short Form claims exceeds the Short Form Fund. In that case, the Short Form Fund will be divided equally among all Short Form Claimants.

The Short Form Fund must have maxed out. Damn.