Struggling With A Tent

I got a new tent for Father’s Day. I used to camp a lot growing up, but it’s been 15+ years since I’ve put up a tent. This one has seven flexible poles and three entrances. I wasn’t looking forward to putting it up, but my daughter was dying to try it out. I took some photos at each major step making it look painless, but it wasn’t.

I hate tents.

A Buddy’s Car For Sale

Acura RSX for sale

2002 Acura RSX for sale via Ryan, a former work buddy. He has a family now so he can’t afford frills like this. $25,000 Canadian. That’s like $5,000 American.

Update: It’s no longer for sale so link to car has been removed.

Talking Fast

The World Livestock Auctioneer Championship has “>MP3s of part champions. Judging is based on clarity of chant and voice quality, bid catching ability, conduct of the sale, and would the judge hire this auctioneer?

I couldn’t make out a word being said.

Falling Asleep To Arpeggios

My 4 year old daughter fell asleep to me playing and singing nursery rhymes on the piano. First time that happened. She was ready to go to bed, but I decided to play some tunes for her, so I started making up verses to songs she knew but couldn’t remember the lyrics for. She got a kick out of that for awhile, then I played some lullabies with slow arpeggios, and she went out like a light.

I should’ve taken a photo.