Jill Barber

jill barberJill Barber‘s latest cd Oh Heart became a favourite in our house the first day we heard it. “[S]teeped in old jazz rhythms mixed with a touch of bluegrass twang and gentle folk melody,” her music plays well with Jolie Holland and Gillian Welch‘s Soul Journey. Oh Heart, like Soul Journey, is a collection of music best appreciated as a single work — as an album. (Save random-play for MP3s.)

Three songs from her first CD (or EP), A Note to Follow So, along with two songs from Oh Heart, can be heard in streaming audio at New Music Canada. There is also a video for the song, “Oh Heart.”

If you like Jolie Holland or Gillian Welch, you might want to check out Jill Barber. It’s good stuff.


This is very cool. I’m watching NASA TV on my laptop as I write this. The cameras are inside the space shuttle. I can see the astronauts. Not much going on right now, but things should get interesting once the shuttle takes off in a couple hours.

With a 12-day mission that includes three spacewalks, NASA expects to deliver more data to users than it has for anything but the Mars Exploration Rovers, which are still going strong after 18 months on the mysterious red planet.

Your Desk Has Meaning

Stereotyping Your Office:

…the current issue [July 2005] of Psychology Today offers up what your office area says about you.

  • Level of Personalization – How much personalizing (i.e., decorating) a worker does to their space indicates the level of security in their environment.  They are comfortable enough to make it their own.
  • Tidiness – Although we try to hide this by shoving items in drawers, psychologists say this is a personality trait that is extremely difficult to change.  A neat and organized desk and workspace indicates a neat and organized person.  “No matter how hard people try to clean up, usually they can never fully hide their true nature.”?
  • The Empty Desk – Barren work spaces indicate a worker who has little status in the organization and who probably isn’t dedicated to his/her job.  These people simply are not committed.

More stereotypes are listed.

They don’t list my desk’s state: messy; disorganized; stacked with books, peanut butter, jam, bread, tins of tuna, cereal bars, and green tea; grocery bag full of empty recyclable juice containers; coffee stains; 25 pens; and bread crumbs.

How To Strip Naked

Stripper’s Guide to Looking Great Naked:

Removing your clothes is an art, and it’s applicable in a range of situations besides the striptease. There is a sexy way to take off your jacket when you enter a bar or to take off your shorts before jumping in the pool. There is even a sexy (or at least sexier) way to take off your jeans.
Jeans are one of the most requested garments at strip clubs. It’s called shock value—someone who doesn’t look like a stripper who starts stripping is inherently more sexy and naughty than someone in a bikini and sheer slip doing the same. Pretty much everyone owns a plain old pair of blue jeans. They can, however, be a little tricky to get off.

Some of their Top 10 Stripper Tips are interesting:

  • Cranberry juice makes a great toner for your skin. Just pour a little on a cotton ball and apply to your problem area. Its antibacterial properties are just as effective as many over-the-counter remedies.
  • Camouflage a bruise using Preparation H. Hemorrhoid cream is a topical anti-inflammatory that works to reduce redness and swelling. If you prefer a more natural remedy, use amica gel (found in most natural food stores).

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