Writing Tools

Fifty Writing Tools:

I have borrowed these tools from writers and editors, from authors of books on writing, and from teachers and writing coaches. Many come from the X-ray reading of texts I admire.

The first writing tool is Branch to the Right:

Begin sentences with subjects and verbs, letting subordinate elements branch to the right. Even a long, long sentence can be clear and powerful when the subject and verb make meaning early.

The author is succinct, providing useful examples illustrating the tool described.

Their website appears to be an excellent resource for journalists and writers. I couldn’t find an RSS feed, though. Bummer.

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I Don’t Listen To Commercial Radio

A Java blog author I read has declared X&Y by Coldplay the best album of 2005:

X&Y is an absolutely brilliant album that is bound to be an instant classic. I am so hooked to this album that I haven’t stopped listening to this album since the very first day of it’s release on iTunes. All of the songs are incredibly melodic, catchy and bound to be instant classics. The first single, Square One is a great song but it’s just the beginning, as what follows it even gets better.

I never heard of Coldplay. I’ll have to check them out now.

(Incidently, this is the first and hopefully last post that will have a word starting with a small “i” with its second letter capitalized.)

Horoscopes Are Broke

Russian astrologist sues NASA over comet crash:

A Russian astrologist who says NASA has altered her horoscope by crashing a spacecraft into a comet is suing the U.S. space agency for damages of $300 million…
“It is obvious that elements of the comet’s orbit, and correspondingly the ephemeris, will change after the explosion, which interferes with my astrology work and distorts my horoscope,” Izvestia daily quoted astrologist Marina Bai as saying in legal documents submitted before Monday’s collision.

I should add a new category for these type of posts: stupid or retarded.