Onion And Religion Soup

The Onion has updated their design and made their content and archives open to all. From the publisher’s message: Although democracy and the free exchange of ideas are notions that I have always staunchly opposed, it is clear that this Internet medium is not dying off as quickly as I had hoped. Therefore, The Onion Board of Directors and I have determined that we must continue to exploit it. The

Playing Chess At The Office

A co-worker (Greg) and I are going to start playing chess at the office tomorrow. We’ve bragged to each other about our past victories and talent, but I haven’t played in a long time, although I used to be rated in the 1500s. I’ve forgotten the names and strategies of openings (although I remember I used to specialize in the Queen’s Gambit); I fear I’m going to get my ass

My Old Computer Died

The original hard-drive in my old 500 MHz PC sounds like a record player stuck in a grove, which is probably what has happened – the control arm failed. It was the drive with the operating system (Windows 2000), so I now have a good excuse to try Linux, although it has to be user-friendly since it’s my wife’s computer now. I’ll post the agony of installing Linux and its

How To Paint A Lattice

Don’t use a brush. Trying to paint lattice with a brush is a pain in the ass. The secret: use spray paint. I’m building a railing for my deck, using lattice for the middle area so my kids don’t kill themselves on the 6 inch drop off the deck (yeah – inches). The deck and frame for the railings are built; I just have to cut the lattice to fit

Listening To It Backwards

This is hilarious: Stairway to Heaven backwards and other tunes, including Hotel California, Imagine, and the only one I knew about that supposedly had a backwards message, I’m So Tired by the Beatles. From Stairway to Heaven: Oh here’s to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad… It’s remarkable how you can hear what’s written; otherwise, it’s garbage if you didn’t know what to hear