Playing Chess At The Office

A co-worker (Greg) and I are going to start playing chess at the office tomorrow. We’ve bragged to each other about our past victories and talent, but I haven’t played in a long time, although I used to be rated in the 1500s. I’ve forgotten the names and strategies of openings (although I remember I used to specialize in the Queen’s Gambit); I fear I’m going to get my ass kicked. I dusted off my copy of Chessmaster and started playing it again, and I suck.

I recently learned from a buddy I used to play chess with in school that a member of our former chess team (I was Captain), received a chess scholarship from an American university. This fella wasn’t as good as us either, but he must’ve kept at it. I quit playing seriously in my later years of high school, but if I had’ve known you could get scholarships in it…

By the way, the best movie about chess ever is Searching for Bobby Fischer, as Phillip mentioned once.