Fatty Protrusions To Nourish Babies

Why women wear bras:

You may think that bras are for supporting breasts, but only those with the largest of breasts need it for that purpose (going brafree can be painful with large breasts). For most of us, it is not a necessary undergarment in that sense. In today’s western culture bra has been turned into a sexual garment – its main purpose is to emphasize the sexual nature of breasts.

Yeah. So?

2 Replies to “Fatty Protrusions To Nourish Babies”

  1. A women doesn’t have to have large breasts for them to be uncomfortable. Ask any woman who exersizes, runs or jogs — a bra is essential.

    Beyond that, though, I’m not sure how functional they are. What do they do?

  2. my four years at mount st.vincent demand that I comment on this but I am way too tired and my training has worn off…so i must echo..jody…

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