Dilbert Doesn’t Have A Blog

Dilbert using the internet

The Dilbert Blog is by Scott Adam, although it isn’t about Dilbert. It’s about Scott Adam. For example, from October 24, 2005:

My blog is the only writing you’ll see from me that doesn’t first go through a professional editor. That means plenty of grammar and punctuation wrecks for you to enjoy. I blame the public education system.
The only reason I dare writing this blog is because I have absolutely no sense of embarrassment. Most people would be horrified at the prospect of proving their ignorance to thousands of readers. My attitude is more along the lines of “I have thousands of readers? Cool.”

I’m not a regular reader of the Dilbert comic, but I’ve added this blog to my bloglines list of feeds. His style is similar to Dave Barry‘s, except he seems more honest.

Kids Telling Jokes

Caitlyn in the fall, 2005My 4 year old daughter learned knock-knock jokes about a year ago, a never-ending source of entertainment for her; she loves to make them up:

Who’s there?
Bath who?
Bath me because it’s almost bed time!

And we both crack up whether it’s funny or not.

Today she told me a regular joke for the first time:

What do you call a sleeping gorilla?
I don’t know. What do you call a sleeping gorilla?
A sleeping gorilla!

“I joked ya, Dad!”, she says as we both start laughing.

Your Blog Is Worth Something

My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?

Here’s an application that derives your site’s worth based on Technortati data, which tracks what sites link to others in “real time”. The more sites that link to yours, the more your site is worth.

That’s in American dollars! That’s like $200,000 Canadian.

(via Stupid Evil Bastard)