Oh Yeah?!

A thread posing the question: How many 5 year-olds could you take on at once? There ARE rules, such as: You are in an enclosed area, roughly the size of a basketball court. There are no foreign objects. You are not allowed to touch a wall. There is no protective padding for any combatant other than the standard-issue cup. The kids are motivated enough to not get scared, regardless of

A Review Of “Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet”

Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet for Playstation2 (PS2) Rating: (7/10) My 5 year old daughter received this for Christmas, finishing it within two days; it’s a short game, but she enjoyed it and is still playing it. The game has all the elements from the TV series: Boots tags along with Dora, Map provides the directions, Backpack provides the tools you need when the time comes, and

A Review Of “King Kong”

King Kong (2005), directed by Peter Jackson. Rating: (7/10) This is a good movie. The first hour is spent setting the tone and developing the characters; it takes place during the 1930s, when The Depression was in full swing: alcohol was banned, poverty was rampant, and jobs were scarce. Once the King Kong shows up though, that first hour seems almost irrelevant; you forget about the setting, clutching your chair-arm

News That Matters

Project Censored: The News That Didn’t Make The News: …[this organization] compiles an annual list of 25 news stories of social significance that have been overlooked, under-reported or self-censored by the country’s major national news media. They list the Top 25 Censored Stories. The top five of 2006: Bush Administration Moves to Eliminate Open Government Media Coverage Fails on Iraq: Fallujah and the Civilian Death Another Year of Distorted Election