Pop Culture Blind Spots

CBC’s Definitely Not The Opera had a ignorant-about-pop-culture theme today, with pieces about how people don’t know stuff the masses are talking about. I’m proud of my stubborn ignorance about some things, including: I’ve never watched South Park or Survivor. I know little about the entertainment industry nor do I have an interest in it. Who gives a shit what Lindsay Lohan is up to (who ever the hell that

A Ladder Bookshelf

Another cool bookshelf, this one made from an old ladder: Other things made for or with books I’ve posted about: Interesting Bookshelves Book Furniture A Bar Made Of Books A Bedroom For A Bibliophile Building A Bookcase (via MAKE Magazine)

A Dog Story

This morning after shovelling our walkway, I went in the backyard and took the dog for a walk in the woods behind our house. The powdery snow was up to my waist. The dog had trouble walking through it. Normally he walks well ahead of me, tearing through the trees, zig-zagging all over the place. But this time he seemed content to let me take the lead. I was breaking

Bloglines Withdrawal

www.bloglines.com: The owners of the domain name bloglines.com are accepting offers from interested parties willing to obtain ownership rights over the domain name. You may learn more about how to place your offer by clicking HERE. WHAT THE?! Someone forget to mail the cheque? I backed up my blogline feeds about six months ago. Did you back up yours? Online Bloglines alternatives: Google Reader Rocket RSS Reader I think Yahoo!

Using Vegetable Oil In A Diesel Engine

Vegetable Oil as Vehicle Fuel: Using vegetable oil as fuel in diesel engines isn’t a new idea. Rudolf Diesel’s first engines were built to run on peanut oil for the developing world, which had no petrochemicals industry. Running your modern diesel car or van on veg is just going back to what the designer intended. An ordinary diesel engine cannot run on 100% pure vegetable oil without conversion. Veg oil