Going To The Dentist

A dentist in someone's mouthI went to the dentist recently, which I hate. The buzzing of tools, bright lights, muffled conversations, screams of pain… I dread all of it, hoping they don’t find anything wrong with my teeth.

While I was reclining in the chair, I thought this would make a good blog post, thinking of some suggestions for dentists that may make experiences there comfortable:

  • Allow people to choose their music or radio station. Hearing the BillBoard Top 10 makes me cringe almost as much as the drill in my mouth. Listening to something I like would be a welcome distraction from fingers in my mouth.
  • Put reading material on the ceiling.
  • Ensure the staff doesn’t wear perfume or cologne. It’s nauseating more than usual when the wearer is standing one inch away from you.
  • Tell the patient what you’re doing, so you don’t have to ask, “What are you going to do with that jackhammer?”

Nothin’ Personal Doc, But…I Hate Dentists! appears to be an interesting book about this subject, although I have no desire to read about it.

Here’s a dentist joke I posted long ago.

A Review of “Cold Dark Matter” by Alex Brett

Cold Dark Matter by Alex BrettCold Dark Matter by Alex Brett
Rating: Rating: 4 out of 10 stars (4/10)

This novel was a disappointment; it received rave reviews from The Global And Mail and mystery-related publications, so I had high hopes, and with its science theme (astronomy) I had to give it a try. It’s about the mystery behind the death of a Canadian astronomer in Hawaii. The protagonist is sent from Canada to investigate it, and she discovers there are a lot of politics and intrigue behind why he died.

I stopped reading it about half the way through; it bored me. I didn’t care about the mystery. The characters seemed superficial and contrived, and the story was getting silly, with too much spy-like events occuring to be credible.

The Canadian author received rave reviews for their first book, Dead Water Creek, but I have my doubts about it now if it’s anything like this one.

I.T. Salaries

Top Ten Tech Jobs, Wages Released:

  • Clinical Research Associate – $38.52
  • Data Manager – $45.06
  • CRM Project Manager – $62.01
  • Data Warehouse Architect – $69.03
  • Hardware/Firmware engineer – $59.34
  • .NET Developer – $45.77
  • Oracle Database Administrator – $55.82
  • Project Manager – $57.07
  • SAP Functional Consultant – $75.09
  • Senior Scientist – $43.76

That’s in American dollars, too.

I’m underpaid.

Google Adds Chat To Email

gmail folders with chatI noticed a new “Chat” folder in my Gmail account today:

Get Google Talk so you can chat and make free voice calls with friends. Your Google Talk chat history can be automatically saved right here in your Gmail account. Also coming soon: chat in Gmail!

I don’t use Google Talk often, but it would be convenient to have it integrated with email; however, I’m considering getting a new email account. I get almost 1200 spam emails a month to my gmail account now. I don’t see most of it, but man, that’s ridiculous.