I Always Wanted To Be A Librarian

How To Become A Librarian:

…it’s easy to become a librarian. You need but two things. A Master’s Degree from an ALA accredited graduate school, and complete and utter interest in almost anything and everything you’ve ever encountered, or ever will encounter.

An amusing essay that generalizes librarians. I looked into getting a Masters of Library Science at Dalhousie, but my marks weren’t good enough. Their loss!

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A Parents’ Guide To Going To A Concert For Kids

Caitlyn and Jody at CBC concertCaitlyn, her grandmother, and I went to a CBC’ Kids Get Set for Life Tour, featuring Patty, Mark, Clifford and some other characters from CBC’s kid shows. Caitlyn had a blast: dancing, singing, shouting, and free stuff at the end. Lots of fun for everyone; however, if you’ve never been to a concert meant for five year olds, heed these warnings:

  • Get the kids to use the bathroom before the concert starts. The kids are so engrossed in the concert they’ll probably forget they have a bladder and pee on themselves and you, or if you have to take them they’ll start crying about missing some of the concert.
  • Arrive early but not too early; you don’t want them nagging you about when it’s going to start too often.
  • This isn’t the symphony, so throughout the concert expect: screaming, crying, laughing, seats banging, hair being pulled, feet stepped on, being poked in the back… lots of fun stuff.
  • Throw humility out the window and pretend you’re five years old; it helps when you have to dance and sing with the 100 other kids.
  • Admire and appreciate the hard work the performers do for an hour keeping the kids excited (let alone interested) in the concert. They deserve a standing ovation.
  • Carry your kid as you leave the theater so they won’t be crushed in the mob trying to get out.
  • Wish you could take a nap like your child was doing in the backseat as you drove home.

I sound cyncial, but it WAS fun. We’re considering going to a Fred Penner concert next, although I don’t know much about him.

Quick Review of “Wildlife,” by Richard Ford

I picked up Richard Ford‘s novel, Wildlife, after the Xmas holidays in a clearance store. The retail price is $18; I got it for $1.50 + tax. This is the first book I’ve read of his. He apparently won the Pulitzer Prize for something he wrote, but I don’t think it was for this book.

Initially, I was attracted to his writing style. Uncomplicated descriptions of things. Vivid images. Well-drawn, likable characters. A natural storyteller. Easy to read.

But about halfway through the book, I began skimming. That’s usually a bad sign. If it goes on for more than a page, it’s a very bad sign. 30 pages later I realized I’d been skimming for 30 pages. So I gave it up. I lost interest. I haven’t finished the book, and probably never will.

Don’t you hate it when you don’t finish a book?

“Random” Blogs At Blogger

Next Blog button from Blogger.comI have a couple of friends who have websites hosted by Blogger, which has a NEXT BLOG button in the upper right to go to a “random” blog hosted by the them (i.e. Blogger). I think their “random” generator is broke. For example, I started from Oh! Me nerves is rubbed right raw!, then clicked the Next button, which took me to Maria in Paradise, which took me to Free Penis Enlarger (I ain’t linking to it), which took me to amphigoric macoronical pointlessness, which took me to Your Neighbourhood Virgin, which took me to Free Penis Enlarger again. I closed the browser and started from blogger.com this time, and ending up at that Penis site three more times. Randomly.

Maybe the Gods are trying to tell me something.