Literally Illiterate

cough head offLiterally, A Web Log:

Misuse of the word “literally”? gets my blood boiling (no, not literally). It started as a nit-picking distraction, grew to a frustrating obsession, and finally resulted in the creation of this blog.

An example post: literally coughing his head off.

There are a few blogs about bad grammar:
The Grammar Vandal
Triangle Grammar Guide

I Swear

Who gives a @#$% about profanity?

…a healthy 64 percent [of Americans questioned] said they use the F-word — ranging from several times a day (8 percent) to a few times a year (15 percent).
“What we hear, it’s gross,” says Kramer, 67. “I tell them, ‘I have a dictionary and a Roget’s Thesaurus, and I don’t see any of those words in there!’ I don’t understand why these parents allow it.”


The article say 1,001 Americans were questioned. It doesn’t say where the people lived who were surveyed, which matters a lot, I think.

Heavy Metal For Kids

The Thunderlords:

What would happen if the Wiggles met White Zombie backstage at an Iron Maiden concert and decided to form a band? I’m not really sure, but I’d bet they would sound a lot like The Thunderlords. The Thunderlords play loud heavy music with goofy fun lyrics that everyone can enjoy, except those looking for some peace and quiet.

Lyrics from their song I Like Dirt!

I Like dirt and dirt likes me
I Like the mud stuck in my teeth
All in my fingers between my toes
I even like it up my nose
I Like dirt! (4 times)

Poorly produced based on their samples. I’ll just let my kids discover the variety of music in my collection.