How Transistors REALLY Work

How Do Transistors Work?

Electric current never flows, since an electric current is not a stuff. Electric current is a flow of something else. (Ask yourself this: what’s the stuff that flows in a river, is it “current” or is it called “water?”)
Wires are not full of current, they are full of charges that can move. Electric charge is real stuff; it can move around. But electric current is not stuff. If we decide to ignore “current,” and then examine the behavior of moving charges in great detail, we can burn off the clouds of fog that block our understanding of electronics.

An excellent explanation of electronics and transistors.

I’ve linked to their site before in the Unwise Microwave Oven Experiments post.

Someone’s List Of Essential Algorithms

5 algorithms you must know:

Algorithms are underrated and probably underused – it comes up maybe 1% of the time, but in that 1% of the time, it’s 100% important. These are real algorithms, with real-world application, but the lesson is in the paradigm.

They list Sorting, Binary Searching, Hashing, Dynamic Programming, and Search Algorithm.

The first four are common, although most people I know simply google solutions, not knowing they’re using a Quick Sort. I don’t think I’ve used any Search Algorithms in my professional life.

Knuth‘s Fundamental Algorithms (volume 1 of his The Art Of Computer Programming – you DO have a copy, don’t you?) describes how to use Linear Lists, Trees, and similar structures. He devotes all of Volume 3 to Searching and Sorting.

Free Computer Games

101 Free Games: The Definitive Guide To The Best New Free Games On The Web

What you’re looking at is the result of countless hours spent searching for the best and newest free games. You’ll find some mods, a little shareware, and a couple Web games, but most of the titles on the next few pages are 100 percent free with no strings attached.

I don’t have time to play games anymore.

Free Books About Programming And Other Computer-related Topics

Free Computer Books, Tutorials & Lecture Notes:

Those books listed in this web site are only links to other sites all over the world, except few which I got special permission from authors. No copyright violation is within this site.

LOTS of links. I tend to forget about sites like this, relying on google instead.

I think Pender sent me that link long ago.