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BALD EAGLEI won’t be the only one to post about this today, but you might want to bookmark this one: Streaming Eagle Cam. It’s a high-resolution webcam inside a bald eagle’s nest — with sound (when the eagle cries, you’ll hear it).

From the CBC News story:

Retired accountant David Carrick said he has been keeping an eye on the pair of eagles in his secluded property for 14 years. But about 18 months ago — with government permission — he got an even closer look, installing a camera in the nest while the eagles were away on their annual migration.

He said the eagles noticed the enclosed camera and “pecked at it” and then got on with their lives.

Two eggs in the nest should hatch by the end of the month.

Update (May 10/06): The eggs didn’t hatch. So they stuck a webcam close to a nest that does have baby eagles in it. It’s on the same URL as the old eagle cam. Worth a look.

Update (Feb 15/08): That webcam no longer works. Here’s an Alaskan webcam of an eagle instead.

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5 Replies to “Bald Eagle Webcam”

  1. I guess it’s not always live (though it says on the site the webcam is on 24 hours a day). There’s nothing to see when the sun goes down, so they must play back the daylight footage at night. Everytime I check it out, it’s a perfect daylight shot.

  2. One of the eggs have hatched. I haven’t seen the baby eagle yet, but after a couple weeks growth, they view should be excellent.

    I wish I could figure out how to record the video stream. CamStudio doesn’t do it.

  3. …must be overloaded today, only black screen for me.

    to previous poster re “I wish I could figure out how to record the video stream.” try this excellent program: Windows Media Recorder available here

    also you might find a free program here:

    (for benefit of readers who might know, you can just “copy + paste” those web addresses into your address bar of your browser and press Enter key)

    there also an excellent program to record everything you see and here on your screen, just Google “hypersnap”

  4. I’ve been away for the past week. The eagle cam is definitely overloaded since the eggs hatched. And it can be tricky wathcing it on FireFox.

    Thanks for the video recorder link. I’ll check it out.

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