Charlie Parr and ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’

Greg Brown recorded a traditional song called Who Killed Cock Robin on his Honey in the Lion’s Head album. (What does that mean, anyway, honey in the lion’s head?) I love the album and I love the song. While doing some research on the story behind the song, I came across a guy named Charlie Parr. Some other guy named Alan Sparhawk had this say about him:

Charlie Parr is one of the greatest musicians and human beings I know. So many country-blues artists are crippled with retroism and purism, but he has brought wonder and excitement to this music. Even Charlie’s foot coming down on the floor boards screams with more soul and life than most anything — past or future.

CHARLIE PARRThat’s another way of saying he’s real good. He has several songs available for download on his site. I recommend starting with Bethlehem (MP3). His take on Who Killed Cock Robin ain’t too shabby either.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve downloaded a bunch of songs from his site (Jesus at the Kenmore is hilarious), but most of them don’t seem to be available anymore. Too bad. However, an entire concert can be downloaded at the Live Music Archive. Check it ’em out.

Pound Dog

Jenny and I are getting a dog this weekend. Not our dog, though. A journalist Jenny works with did a story on an animal shelter. When he was there, he couldn’t help but pick out a dog. But he’s also moving into a new house this weekend, so he asked them if they could keep the dog for a few days until the move is complete. They said no; they’re putting the dog to sleep if he doesn’t take it by Saturday. Nice animal shelter. So we’re taking the dog on Saturday or some time tonight, and we’re giving it back to him on Sunday night or Monday morning once he’s done with his move. It’s a 6 year old dog, looks like some kind of hunting dog with friendly but sad eyes; she’s been through a lot. We’re going to take her for walks, play with her, let her run round and crap all over our backyard. The dog’s going to love it.

Jenny’s going to want to get a dog now.