Used Gum

the child sits on the curb
staring at the passing cars
the used gum on the road
dead worms drying up
– crunchy like a chinese noodle?
scraping the gum off the pavement
it’s moist underneath and
it leaves a fingerprint on the road
you’re guilty now
the pebbles are small like babies teeth
picking them out (and how it would bawl)
some stay in and some come out, amusingly
rubbing the gum between your palms
forming a nice, round ball – a marble
with lumps
it looks almost brand new
except it smells better – aged
you can taste the smell
and putting it in your mouth
you grin

– Montreal, October 23, 1989

5 Replies to “Used Gum”

  1. Yes, I wrote that while living a lonely life in Montreal. I remember picking used gum off streets as a toddler, eating it because, hell, it was there. I don’t remember my parents’ reaction when they discovered my love for gum.

  2. So I guess you always believed your parents when they said “this is going to hurt me more than it’ll hurt you”.

    As much as greg was probably beaten, it wasn’t enough.

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