Your Hobby Could Be Your Business

The ultimate tax shelter: Owning your own business:

The surest way to reduce your taxes is to convert personal expenditures into allowable deductions. Turn even a hobby into a business and you’ll cut your tax bill.
In a more recent case, a high school teacher’s golfing activity was declared an activity with a profit motive, so he could legally deduct what once was his “hobby.”

Those crazy Americans. All they have to do is declare a hobby as a business with the intention of making a profit, although you don’t need to:

Remember you don’t have to show a profit — just a “profit motive.” In one case, despite 20 years of losses, the court found a profit objective and allowed the deduction of business losses in full for one company.

So. I maintain a stupid website. It’s my hobby. I want to make a profit from it. I made $100 from Google Ads last year. Does that mean I can deduct a lot of stupid crap from my income tax?! I suspect Canadian laws aren’t as sneaky. I’ll have to check.

Nice News

The Great News Network:

Its objective is to become a leading news organization that reports positive news which has the potential to inspire and motivate our readers to make a better world.

Better than reading meaningless drivel about who had a baby or who’s killing who.

Favourite Coffee Question

cup of coffeeI recently bought a bag of organic fair trade coffee beans from Bolivia. $11.60 for a 500g, which is cheap for quality coffee beans. It’s the best coffee I’ve had in a long time. A smooth, medium roast. I drink it with cream and I love it. I’ve paid as much as $35 for Jamaican Blue Mountain, but that’s an over-rated and over-priced coffee. I’ve had coffee just as good for a third the price (in Canadian dollars). So I was wondering…

What’s your favourite coffee? Any recommendations?

Charlie Parr and ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’

Greg Brown recorded a traditional song called Who Killed Cock Robin on his Honey in the Lion’s Head album. (What does that mean, anyway, honey in the lion’s head?) I love the album and I love the song. While doing some research on the story behind the song, I came across a guy named Charlie Parr. Some other guy named Alan Sparhawk had this say about him:

Charlie Parr is one of the greatest musicians and human beings I know. So many country-blues artists are crippled with retroism and purism, but he has brought wonder and excitement to this music. Even Charlie’s foot coming down on the floor boards screams with more soul and life than most anything — past or future.

CHARLIE PARRThat’s another way of saying he’s real good. He has several songs available for download on his site. I recommend starting with Bethlehem (MP3). His take on Who Killed Cock Robin ain’t too shabby either.

In the past couple weeks, I’ve downloaded a bunch of songs from his site (Jesus at the Kenmore is hilarious), but most of them don’t seem to be available anymore. Too bad. However, an entire concert can be downloaded at the Live Music Archive. Check it ’em out.