Superman is Here

christopher reeve supermanThe new Superman movie hits theatres today. It was scheduled for a June 30th release, but they bumped it up by 3 days. Seeing it tonight would be insane, so I’m going to see it during a Wednesday afternoon matinee. I’ll report back here immediately.

James loves the movie. Roger Ebert doesn’t. I didn’t read Ebert’s entire review, nor do I plan to glance at any other reviews, because I want to see the movie fresh — but comparing Superman Returns to the Christopher Reeve films, Ebert thinks the new film is boring and uninvolving. It must be an awfully dull movie if it’s less exciting than the other Superman movies.

This might be sacrilege to all the big Superman fans out there, but have you watched the original 1978 Superman recently, or its sequel? I enjoyed them when I was a kid, but they don’t hold up to adult scrunity. They are long, slow, and boring. Lois Lane isn’t sexy, Superman is a wuss, Lex Luthor is a joke, not at all menancing, and the films are extemely dated; they don’t hold up well at all. Go ahead and put in the old Superman DVD — and see if you can watch it all the way through without hitting the fast-forward button or taking extended breaks — and tell me if it’s really that great of a film.

I’m looking foward to the new movie. I don’t see how it could not be a better film.

Update (June 28/06): I saw the movie. Click the more link if you want to know what I thought of it.
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Ethiopia Medium Roast

“I take my coffee black, with a little of cream.
I wake up every morning with the sun.”

Greg Brown

Tommboy sent me a shoe box full of coffee beans. It arrived yesterday. (Good thinking, Tom, the coffee smell effectively disguises the smell of the dope.) In the shoe box are sample packs of the following flavours: The Dark Side (dark roast); Sumatra (dark roast); Ethiopia (medium roast); Peru (dark roast); Columbia (medium roast); Nicaragua (dark roast). The last three are certified organic fair trade. They’re all roasted fresh from an associate of Tom’s.

I’m drinking a cup of the Ethiopian medium roast as I write this, and it’s excellent. What else do I need to say? It’s a real good cup of coffee. Strong but smooth, slightly nutty aftertaste. This is the way to drink coffee. Fresh beans, freshly roasted, freshly ground so that a thick layer of foam forms when the water is poured through a #2 cone filter. All those bubbles indicate oxygen in the beans, which means more flavour, which only happens with the freshest beans. Sometimes you get bubbles, but if it builds up into a thick foam in about two seconds like this cup did — coffee doesn’t any better than that. (I haven’t tried cold filtered coffee yet.) Tom, man, this is one damn good cup of coffee! I gotta go make another cup. Back in a few minutes…
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A Review Of The Movie “Signs”

WARNING: Although this review doesn’t discuss plot details, it pretty much gives away the whole movie.

I was completely hooked (98% hooked) by Signs movieSigns. I must have been in the right mood for it, and I’m glad I was, because I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, right to the very end:

  • When the girl was trying to give the dog some water, and the dog barked, I jumped.
  • When the guy was watching the videotape of the kid’s birthday party, saying, “Hey, little kids, get out of the way,” I was saying it with him, because I wanted to see what was on the tape. I was reaching over my seat trying to get a close look to make sure I didn’t miss anything, scanning through those bushes trying to figure out what the hell they were looking at. And when I saw that flash of the alien on the video, I flipped; it made me jump.
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Women Wearing Makeup

female clownFrom Why women wear makeup and perfume:

Why do women wear makeup and perfume?

Because they’re ugly and they stink.

Or you could get arrested, according to Wear It, Bitch:

One of the highest courts in the land, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, has determined that it’s legal for an employer to fire a female employee who refuses to wear makeup. Think this through slowly and carefully, girls: if you live in the 9th Circuit (which covers California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and Montana), you could be fired tomorrow if your boss decides your “uniform” for work includes makeup.