Superman is Here

The new Superman movie hits theatres today. It was scheduled for a June 30th release, but they bumped it up by 3 days. Seeing it tonight would be insane, so I’m going to see it during a Wednesday afternoon matinee. I’ll report back here immediately. James loves the movie. Roger Ebert doesn’t. I didn’t read Ebert’s entire review, nor do I plan to glance at any other reviews, because I

Ethiopia Medium Roast

“I take my coffee black, with a little of cream. I wake up every morning with the sun.” — Greg Brown Tommboy sent me a shoe box full of coffee beans. It arrived yesterday. (Good thinking, Tom, the coffee smell effectively disguises the smell of the dope.) In the shoe box are sample packs of the following flavours: The Dark Side (dark roast); Sumatra (dark roast); Ethiopia (medium roast); Peru

A Review Of The Movie “Signs”

WARNING: Although this review doesn’t discuss plot details, it pretty much gives away the whole movie. I was completely hooked (98% hooked) by Signs. I must have been in the right mood for it, and I’m glad I was, because I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, right to the very end: When the girl was trying to give the dog some water, and the dog barked, I jumped. When the guy

Women Wearing Makeup

From Why women wear makeup and perfume: Why do women wear makeup and perfume? Because they’re ugly and they stink. Or you could get arrested, according to Wear It, Bitch: One of the highest courts in the land, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, has determined that it’s legal for an employer to fire a female employee who refuses to wear makeup. Think this through slowly and carefully, girls: if