Human Males Can’t Compete With Orchids

This is the headline story in CBC’s Health & Science section: Orchid does 360-degree twist to self-pollinate

An orchid growing in a harsh conditions defies gravity to twist its male sexual organs 360 degrees to fertilize its female organ, Chinese scientists have discovered.

I’m trying to figure out its signifigance as the number one story. I’m guessing they’re suggesting that human males are sexually incompetent because we can’t (well, *I* can’t) twist ourselves in knots to, uh, spread our seed.

Yeah, that’s it.

Inspirational Money-making Ideas

Unusual Businesses Ideas That Work:

Uncommon Business is a blog about people who make money online selling unusual, strange and sometimes bizarre things or provide curious services. This isn’t “One Hundred And One Ideas For Your Homebased Business” – only real, working businesses with URLs provided…

There are some crazy-ass businesses there:

And there are the bastards who make thousands just from putting Google Ads on their site.

Getting Bitten By Animals (the non-human kind)

Animals will bite signAshley’s Attack of the crows! post (who got bitten by a friggin’ chipmunk, the nut) got me thinking about the animals that have drawn my blood:

  • Cats. Cats are deceptive. You think you’re playing with a cute, cuddly creature, when suddenly it sinks a 6 inch claw into your flesh. Fucking cats.
  • Snakes. I used to catch snakes. I remember a garter snake biting my hand as a kid when I tired to pick it up.
  • Dog. I love dogs more than any other domestic animal. I was probably playing too rough with a puppy.
  • Mouse. It was a friend’s. We might’ve feed it to a snake.
  • Hamster. We had a few hamsters as kids. I remember finding a flattened one on the road in front of our house once. I think its name was Hammy.
  • Perch. Fucking perch. It drew blood from a spine in one of its fins, I think, while I was taking it off a hook. Phillip wrote a song about fucking perch.
  • Mosquitoes and other flies.

How about you?

A New Brunswick Blogger Makes The News

Blogger banned from legislature grounds:

A New Brunswick blogger and political activist has been permanently barred from entering any buildings or stepping on any property within the provincial legislature district in Fredericton.

The blogger and his blog is Charles LeBlanc Political ADHD Activist. This is the first I’ve heard of him. His website is loud: big fonts, big images, big headers – it’s meant for far-sighted folks. He writes:

If you can’t read this text beside the blog comments, try increasing your screen resolution. I find it works at 1024 X 768 but 1280 X 1024 seems to work the best.

Man, just decrease the size of your fonts a tad.

His blog appears to be about Fredericton and St. John, for the most part. I found one about Moncton, though: THE R.C.M.P. IN MONCTON SHOULD BEGIN THEIR INVESTIGATION WITH THE MONCTON IRVING TRANSCRIPT!!!

I wonder if a website’s design is a reflection on one’s personality?