Racism In Quebec

Quebec bar owner fined for refusing black customers:

A Montreal-area bar has been fined $25,000 for refusing to serve black customers.
“The first time we asked for a drink the manager told us, ‘We cannot serve you.’ I say ‘Why?’ and he says, ‘That’s our policy. No black people inside.’ “
Alarie, a Caucasian, disguised himself as a black person (with the help of a special-effects and makeup expert) and ventured into the bar with Diallo to check out his story.
The two were denied service, but this time Alarie recorded the exchange and went public with the story in October 2003 in a series on racism where he went undercover as a black person for a week.

Sad. Unfortunately, it probably happens more often than we realize. Quebec has even scheduled public hearings about racism:

The Quebec Minister announced public hearings to be held in the fall which should help the government in establishing a policy to combat racism and discrimination.

At least Quebec appears to be doing something about it.

Free Canadian (And American) Products

AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder:

Freebie Finder is an automated free stuff aggregator. I’ve designed it to collect free stuff offers from top freebie sites, while filtering out most scams and referral pyramids. Your feedback on freebies is used to improve the listings.

Offers for free samples and products are posted daily, classified by category and whether they’re available in the U.S. or Canada, which is convenient. An RSS feed is provided, too.

Here’s some recent post Canadian offers that were posted:

And I quote:

Please only request freebies you actually need and will use!

Reading In The Bathroom

reading on the toiletThe blog this much is true lists their bathroom reading material, which includes Reader’s Digests. That’s the only one common on my list:

Other things to do while sitting on the toilet, in case you’re interested.

How To Get To Newfoundland

pale girls in swimming suits in newfoundlandTravelling to Newfoundland is a pain in the arse: flying costs too much if you want to take your family (plus you’ll need to rent a car), and driving requires a long ferry ride or a long car ride (if you’re traveling to the east of the island).

My wife’s family is having a family reunion on Fogo Island in the middle of August, and a couple days later my parents are celebrating their 40th wedding aniversary in Foxtrap. So, I have two options (I don’t think flying is an option, given that I would have to rent a car):

  1. Take the 6 hour ferry ride to Port aux Basques, driving 10 hours to Fogo Island.
  2. Take the 14 hour ferry ride to Argentia, driving 5 hours to Fogo Island.

An addition to the drive across Newfoundland, I’ll have a 6 hour drive to the ferry in North Sydney.

I wish I was rich. My investments in Atlantic Lotto are not paying off as well as I had hoped.

An unrelated fact about Newfoundland: There are no snakes, skunks, deer, porcupines or groundhogs on the island, although my brother and I DID try to import grass snakes once. They survived the trip there, but died a few days later after we let them loose, I think. (Or, there COULD be a thriving grass snake population in Kelligrews.)

(The image in this post is one of the first found when googling an image for Newfoundland.)

Tommyboy Runs For Mayor

First hat tossed into ring; Farmers’ Market manager to run for city council (link removed because it no longer works):

Tom Pink has kicked off the race for Owen Sound city council with an entry motivated by curiosity and an interest to serve the city.
Pink, 38, said since he has the luxury of time to spend considering the city’s business, he wants to step forward to do the work as a councillor.

I added the emphasize. I thought that was funny. To quote Tom:

When you get involved with the city on the committees and stuff, there’s only so much you know or only so much you can do and the next step, if you’re curious or interested in it, is to go on council where you’re actually fully involved.

I like that “and stuff” bit: he didn’t mention the Hells Angels and the Communist Party of Canada .

I hope the local electorate doesn’t get wind of this post.

Update (Nov. 14, 2006): Tommyboy won. To quote him:

What the fuck have I done….I got on…last spot…beat the incumbent by 250 votes…only new guy to get on..