Fixing God’s Computer

Being a guy who works with computers, I’m called upon by friends and relatives to fix technical issues. This also makes me the unofficial PC technical support for my mom’s church. Today my mom called me saying their main church PC wouldn’t boot. I took a copy of Spinrite and the Ultimate Boot CD to the church, discovering the BIOS reported that the hard drive was unbootable. Spinrite couldn’t even

The H Is Shilent

Silent H (Update: link removed because it no longer works), a description of its use and role in history: A silent h can be put anywhere you want, precisely because it is silent. So for example, it is equally proper to spell it Gandih, Gahndi, hGandi and even Gandhhhhhhhi. The silent h is very flexible. When I’m talking, I’ll toss in a silent h every third syllable, and no one

“Excuse me, waiter, there’s a frog in my salad.”

Actually, I didn’t know it was in my salad until it jumped out of my salad. It was a light-green frog about the size of my thumb, and it jumped out of the Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad I ordered at Smitty’s last night. For the record, that’s the Smitty’s restaurant in Mount Pearl, just outside St. John’s, Newfoundland. I was there with my girlfriend and her mother. The frog jumped

Convert A Photo Into A Drawing

Photo to Sketch: With this fast, easy-to-use program, you can convert any photo-not just portraits-into an interesting, folksy sketch. While Photoshop can also perform this function, Photo To Sketch does it faster. The following is an example from a photo of my son: The standard version displays an annoying popup occasionally and has limited functionality, but it works. (via Lifehacker)

Should I Buy A Mantis Tiller?

I’m considering buying the Mantix Tiller. It costs $500 Canadian. It would come with a Border Edger Attachment, a Kick Stand, and 100 Mixed Daffodils. But do I REALLY need it? Pros: We have a 8’x20′ garden, which we want to enlarge, in addition to creating other flower and vegetable gardens on our property. It would save a lot of time and effort. My wife and mother would be able