CBC’s Street Cents Is Cancelled

street cents original castI learned from Inside the CBC that Street Cents has been canceled:

…research has demonstrated pretty clearly that its demographic (pre-teen and teen) is increasingly and quickly moving to interactive digital platforms for news, info and entertainment. We’re in the process of refocusing our youth strategy to specifically address this trend.

I used to watch it 17 years ago when Jonathon Torrens and that gang hosted it. It was corny at times, but it reported consumer issues youths were interested in, I thought. I watch Market Place now.

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  1. Wow – I didn’t know it was still on. Funny, though – I was thinking about it the other day, also being of the Jonathon Torrens generation (they filmed a clip at my old high school), while watching Trailer Park Boys.

  2. best show…what about danger bay, definition, and the classic hanging in..or out or whatever it was called…yeah canadian tv….although i still have a hankering for the beachcombers….

  3. If anyone wants to save Street Cents, start a petition. Myself, I’ve already e-mailed CTV, Global and TVO, requesting that they consider picking the show up (it’s been done before with other shows/networks).
    Also, because the show covered poetry, publishing & getting info from professional writers in the past, I’ve e-mailed dozens of writers’ organizations, suggesting they voice their concerns about the cancellation. Regards – David Chirko, Visual Artist/Writer, Sudbury

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