What Songs For The Guitar Should I Learn (And Re-learn)?

Now that I bought my first acoustic guitar (I’ve always borrowed Phillip’s, who has had at least three, I think: classical, regular acoustic, and a 12 string), what songs should I learn to impress the chicks? I USED to know a lot of tunes, but that was 20 years ago: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, etc. Plus I taught myself how to play The Trees and Closer To The

Gardening In The Fall

I took this morning off, renting a garden tiller for 4 hours, preparing my garden for the garlic I’ll be planting soon. Afterwards, my children helped me get dirty. Garlic, like most hardy plants, establishes its roots in the fall, then slowly grows in the near frozen ground. Sometimes you’ll see green shots coming up through the snow. We grew kale once in Newfoundland. It’s a rough, leafy vegetable that

Shave and a Haircut (Another Big Thought)

I got a haircut today. I now look like a pencil-necked geek. At one point the barber shaved the back of my neck. He lathered up some cream that he mixed in a cup by adding some hot water. He brushed it on the back of my neck and then shaved off the fussy hairs with a straight razor. It was so relaxing, I’ve decided to grow my beard out

Google Wants YOU!

Make $75 per hour at Google.com: …typically we pay $75 for each hour that you spend with a Google researcher, either in person or on the phone. Most studies last for one to one-and-a-half hours. We don’t pay for your travel time, or travel expenses, though. For online surveys, which you complete from your own computer, the amount varies, depending on the length of the survey. I applied. That’s about

How To Act Insane or Crazy

How to Act Crazy Be subtle. Don’t overdo it. Instead of screaming swear words at people and claiming to be “seeing” things, maybe talk in a low whisper and look at “someone” next to you who isn’t there. Repeat yourself. Pretend you did not. Insist you did not. Take a sip of soda, hum while you do it, and insist it isn’t you. But be warned: Be ready to reveal