Working For Google Without Pay – Google Image Labeler

Google Image Labeler pointsGoogle Image Labeler:

You’ll be randomly paired with a partner who’s online and using the feature. Over a 90-second period, you and your partner will be shown the same set of images and asked to provide as many labels as possible to describe each image you see. When your label matches your partner’s label, you’ll earn some points and move on to the next image until time runs out.

You DO get awarded points though!

Although you do not have to log in to your Google account to help, logging in will allow you to keep track of your points.

That makes it all worthwhile.

One Mother of a Grub

Can anyone tell me what kind of caterpillar or grub this is?


Click the image to enlarge. My pinky finger is in the photo for scale. Unfortunately it’s closer to the lens than the caterpillar, so really the scale is kinda off. But trust me, this thing was big.

The photo was taken in eastern Canada (the real eastern part of Canada, not Toronto) in Prince Edward Island.

I’ve never seen anything like this before. (And which would you rather find in your salad, this thing or a live frog?)