Kids Eating Avocado

caitlyn eating an avocadoMy daughter eats avocado like it’s ice cream, scooping it out of its skin, digging around the giant seed, sometimes mushing the green guts of it like Play-doh; it’s fun to watch. Its taste doesn’t appeal to me: I find it bland.

Other exotic things she eats like candy: black olives, pomegranates, dill pickles; raw vegetables like red pepper, turnip, peas, cabbage; eating beans from the garden before we get a chance to harvest them…

That’s what happens when you live with a vegetarian, although our kids aren’t vegetarian; they can make that choice when they’re old enough to do so.

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  1. They like things like avocado because they’re so high in fat. Their little brains crave it.

    You’re doing the right thing with food, too. We evolved eating meat; hence the teeth we’ve got. Taking it out of the diet during the developing years is unwise no matter what any of the lions-should-be-forced-to-eat-grass-too cliques say. Why are the greenie/vegan types so concerned about everything being natural except humans? Rhetorical; don’t answer.

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